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If you’ve ever felt left withinternal scarsresulting in 
“negative external circumstances” then… 
PAY ATTENTION, you are about to...
“Discover the Reasons Many Women 
Have Not Accomplished the 
Results in Their Lives 
They Had Expected to

…You Will Learn to Manifest 
the Existence in Which You’ve 
Always Desired to Achieve!”
In this brief, but powerful article, all will be made clear when you chose to explore your potential…

…your power

…as well as your sometimes waning

Faith is the unwavering belief in a concept or an outcome.
It is a philosophy as well as a belief. 

Faith is belief with conviction.

Any given moment affords you the opportunity to either create your own heaven on earth…
or your own hell.

Meaning, you either have faith in the direction of what you desire, or faith in the direction of what you don’t desire. 
Everyone has faith in something.

As we go through this particular subject matter, and even other subject matter, throughout The School of Feminine Fortune, the subject of God will come up

“While the subject of God and faith is often associated with religious aspirations and dogma, ultimately faith is non-denominational.”

A relationship with Source, God, or the Universe and faith is available to be strengthened within everyone.

The subject matter in no way makes this a religious subject or course.

Understand, this word is simply a way to express the Highest Source of All That Is.

NOTE: This is not an effort to put forth or support any particular dogma or religious background.

Please feel free to substitute any word for God, and other references to such, as you deem fitting for you. 

In other words, substitute in your mind the word or designation that aligns with the God of your own understanding.
Further, the views herein do not have to be adopted by the students.

It is however designed to strengthen your innate faith, and help you to cultivate more peace and happiness in your life.

These lessons will continue to assist you in strengthening your relationship with this “God of your understanding” …

…and be purposeful in your own co-creation of life’s experiences together.

My name is Rebecca Matias,
Being the mother of 2 boys, coming from a more than disappointing first marriage and not having my family support me through a destructive time in my life left me feeling…

…alone, unwanted and unloved.
Certainly, many will relate to this.

The thing was, because of my deep passion and love for my children, I didn’t have time for self-pity, self-doubt or allowing my wounds to slowly become scars.

Those wounds had to be ignored.

That’s when it happened.

Struggle, pain and feeling alone in the world. Sure, my boys were there to give me their unconditional love and support but…

…you know, as a woman; we need a bit more than that.

When I finally realized the path I was on could turn dark, if I wasn’t careful, I lifted myself up.
Faith…became part of me.

My belief in “self” was the first priority.

Through my faith in God, the Universe and my great potentiality and perseverance…
…steadily, I cracked the code to integrating my faith, with my self-confidence, with my success and (ultimately) with my heart.

Sure…from time to time, your faith could waver (that may have happened to me a time or too 🙂) but, you push through.

You hold strong with your beliefs and, before you know it, there will be a support system and a guiding voice to embrace you and help you get through to your fullest potential.

It’s the whole reason I created...

“A Course in Faith”
In this 11 Part Course, everything we’ve just discussed will be mapped out, dripped to you over 11 weeks, so you can discover… 

...the process of enhancing your beliefs in you, in your source and take the time you need to integrate it, FULLY, into your life.

Each week a new lesson will be added to the course page and you will be notified by email.
Week One: Your Level of Faith Today
"Faith is the point of contact between
God and man.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • What is faith? – Perhaps, not what you think!
  • Self-awareness and faith, and why the two walk hand in hand. 
  • Ways to strengthen faith. Yep, there are actually very specific actions for you to take to gain the strength in faith you need! 
  • How do you access your faith today? 
  • The ego mind and the spirit mind. 
  • The miracle in finding and choosing faith.
Week Two: Letting Go of Fear, 
Limiting Beliefs, & Blocks
“Always look up to your higher self and your God to guide you. 
 Have faith in the path no matter how hard things get.”

In this segment you will:
  • Identify your mental clutter and let go of what is no longer serving you.
  • Discover how doubt directly impacts your level of faith. 
  • Learn the difference between guilt and shame and which one you gravitate toward. 
  • Identify your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Week Three: Growing Your Spiritual Muscle
“Hope opens the door to possibility,
faith brings you through.”

In this segment you will:
  • Build your muscle of faith and learn lessons that strengthen your faith.
  • Discipline your mind and exercise practices of grounding. 
  • Surrender to your higher power and understand more deeply the power of surrender. 
  • Identify tools to strengthen your spiritual muscles. 
Week Four: Faith in Your Worthiness
“If you believe you are not worthy of something, or you 
believe that you do not deserve something because 
someone else told you that, you are 
re-patterning someone else’s belief.”

In this segment you will:
  • Learn what worthiness is and how to receive the fullness of who you are and honor your divine nature.
  • Forgive yourself and know that past mistakes don’t define you so you can move forward into your greatness without making yourself wrong or unworthy. 
  • Leverage the power of releasing yourself and others with the daily practice of letting go, love, gratitude and forgiveness using the magic power of Ho’oponopono. 
Week Five: Faith in Yourself, 
Faith in God, and Faith in Others
“Understanding faith plus knowledge, 
and the correct application of faith, 
are really the keys to the kingdom.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Identify with clarity where you are currently with your level of faith in yourself, your God and with others.
  • Heal the “disconnect” from your original human nature and Increase with love your faith in yourself, your God and in others. 
  • Learn how to contribute equally in your faith relationships so both parties feel fulfilled and the connections continue to grow and flourish. 
  • Discover more about how to instill faith in another person and how to have faith in them and allow them to grow their faith by your having faith in them. 
Week Six: Your Ideal Relationship
with Your Higher Power
“Cultivate and adornment for Your Higher Power and 
allow yourself to be cherished by the creator 
for the miraculous creation you are.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Define with clarity and further develop your relationship with your Higher Power so you feel connected and supported in new ways.
  • Cultivate your unwavering faith with conviction so you practice having more assurance in your evolving relationship with your God. 
  • Access your inner power and ask for what you desire in your relationship with your Higher Power and open to receiving fully what you asked for. 
  • Identify and cultivate pleasure with your Higher Power as you develop more intimacy and knowing what you are conveying to God and being receptive to what is being conveyed to you. 
Week Seven: Communicating with
Your Higher Power
“Every thought and every word is a prayer.
You are in constant dialogue with
God whether you realize it or not.”

In this segment you will:
  • Recognize the unique ways that God speaks to you, learn more about how you hear guidance and commit to taking action on that guidance.
  • Develop trust so you can strengthen the communication bond and look for ways that God is strengthening the relationship with you. 
  • Know the same messages coming through is God ensuring you do not miss the communication, and that you are not imagining things. 
  • Honor your true nature in communication with your God and choose to operate and model this behavior on a daily basis. 
Week Eight: Trusting Your
Intuitive Guidance
“There is a difference between conscious faith
and unconscious faith.”

In this segment you will:
  • Increase your awareness of your intuition’s messages for you and learn the importance of to paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. 
  • Learn how to trust fully that you are divinely connected and how it is essential in healing the past and developing your intuition to connect with the present and the future. 
  • Learn the four major intuitive abilities that are commonly spoken about in the spiritual community: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Claircognizance. 
  • Discover how to use different tools to strengthen your trust in your intuitive guidance system and how muscle testing can accelerate that. 
Week Nine: Practices for
Strengthening Your Faith
“Your spiritual journey is your life journey.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Select from a list of 21 potent methods to have on hand for strengthening your faith.
  • Learn what to do when, what you have been doing to strengthen your faith seems to no longer be working. 
  • Understand how consistency gives you the keys to the kingdom and yet how being flexible leads you to a more meaningful life
  • Know what to do when you feel like you may be losing your faith.
Week Ten: Appreciation & Abundance
“The fastest path towards more abundance in your
life is through appreciation.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Learn about the Universal Law of Expectation and how to practice positive expectations by detaching from your desired outcomes.
  • Identify the meaning of having faith-based expectation that reflect your authentic desires and ego-driven expectation that is based on entitlement. 
  • Discover the difference between gratitude and appreciation and why appreciation is the deeper emotion that will put you on the fast track to abundance
  • Define what abundance means to you and identify the most important things you related to abundance and your divine connection to God.
Week Eleven: Be the Change You Wish 
to See in the World
“The continued fulfillment of your divine purpose 
is what will determine the expansion of the
 change you create in your world”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Understand that all change begins with you 
  • Discover how to expand your territory  
  • Learn the true meaning of Spiritual Maturity 
  • Understand the concept of Oneness and how it relates to our individual spiritual awareness and to the evolution of the collective consciousness.

Along with the above video tutorials, you will also delve into the 
practice of these lessons when you:
  • Complete the questions and exercises in this workbook.
  • Participate in the guided meditation as often as needed. 
  • Complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook).  
  • Post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you. 
  • Complete the checklist at the end of your workbooks and assess your progress. 

Herein this course, lies a journey like none other you have taken.

You are about to shake your very existence to uncover a world in which you’ve been moving through, but you have yet to see.

It’s not magic.

It’s not dogma.
It IS your path toward creating and molding
the life you deserve by connecting with that, 
which helps you get there.
Join us.

No fancy pitch.

No hype, no fluff, no “hardcore” closing tactics.

Just you, me and a group of ever so powerful women in our online community…

…sharing from a place of belief, wonderment of one another and the “faith” that we can all get each other to the next level.

Allow me to guide, support and inspire you to take the next steps.

The price for this course is nominal compared to the power you will certainly unleash, once you take action.
Simply Click the Enrollment Button Below
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