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Doubling, EVEN Tripling “Your” Coaching Business 
Is Easy, When I Show You How to…
Crack the 
Coaching Business 
“Money Code”
“Here’s how knowing the right sales process, the right relationship building skills and the right way to land BIG clients could reveal the insider secrets of…”

How World Class Coaches Stay Rich, 
While Teaching FAILING Coaches All Day.
Hello Fellow Female Entrepreneur and Coach,

My name is Rebecca Matias.

Today we’re going to uncover a few, “dirty little secrets” successful coaches are using to keep female entrepreneurs trapped in “Just over Broke” coaching businesses.

If you’re tired of the J.O.B. you’ve created for yourself and you are ready to reclaim your independence…
…your power
…and your passion for helping others
…while making the income you’ve always dreamed of,


  • Lock the door
  • Turn off the phone and any messenger apps 
  • Light a wonderfully therapeutic candle
  • Brew your favorite flavor of hot tea and…
  • Read each and every word of this page.

Now, we’re not going to sit here and put down other coaches in this industry…
…there really isn’t any need for that.
Being a Standout Coach is being a coach that is committed to working in integrity.
She becomes a master at what she does, serves the World at Large and makes a significant impact doing so.
She earns the title “expert” by offering consistent, life changing value as she grows her brand.
Over many years, we’ve all witnessed coaches designing their businesses and courses to keep you “on the hook”, never pulling their claws out of your pocketbook.

You know what I’m talking about, right?
Just when you think you’ve taken the steps to sign up for a program which will truly change the way you profit and succeed in your coaching business…
…there’s yet another course to get you there.
A coaching program, which relays the EXACT methods of building a successful coaching business, should be complete.
Sure, there could be separate programs to break down other systems within your business, going into further detail but…
…you shouldn’t feel that you’ll get the rest of the information (you originally signed up for) if…
…“you’d just sign up for the next training.”
That’s BULL…and we’re not going to tolerate it any longer.
That’s why I designed
“Be a Stand-Out Coach”
…with YOU in mind.
Regardless of your profession, if you are a woman then... are ALWAYS coaching, you just might not recognize it.
Now, if you ARE a professional coach and you are TRULY committed to working in integrity, serving the world at large and becoming a master at what you do...

...Then this is a REQUIRED
Course for YOU!

There are few, if any; courses teaching these VERY necessary skills.
THIS course will have you knowing...
- The Exact Tools You MUST Have in place
- The EXACT Techniques to Enhance Your Coaching Practice
- The Exact Skillsets to skyrocket your profits
...which you MUST have and truly need to become a masterful coach, who will make a significant impact and grow a respected brand…
…which then evolves into a business empire!
In this 11 Part Course, everything we’ve just discussed will be mapped out, dripped to you over 11 weeks, so you can discover in…

Week One: Where to Start & How Your Life Experiences Contribute to Your Coaching Success
  • Identify your story and how to leverage it
  • Uncover your unique brilliance & expertise 
  • Identify your core values and integrate them into your coaching practices and marketing 
  • How to show up as the best version of yourself and stand out 
  • The difference between formal coaching and informal coaching
Week Two: The Habits of Successful Coaches
  • Learn the definition of a habit and how that impacts you
  • Integrate successful habits into your daily calendar 
  • Learn the top six habits of successful coaches and how to leverage them
Week Three: Coaching Confidence & Your Signature Coaching Offers
  • Connect with your own inner confidence and see how it impacts what you offer
  • Cultivate coaching confidence to serve your clients in the highest and best ways 
  • Understand your role as a coach and as a leader in how you show up in the world 
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a coach and know how you can improve
Week Four: Coaching with Integrity
  • Learn what it means to operate out of integrity in all areas of your life and business and how crucial that is to your sustainability and credibility as a business owner
  • Understand the sacred art of coaching of how implementing the sacred principles in your coaching business has the power to make or break your business and impacts your future success 
  • Learn how to honoring coaching boundaries for yourself as the expert and your client so you conduct the most effective coaching sessions so your client’s breakthroughs are more impactful
Week Five: Show Up as the Expert You Are
  • Learn how to claim yourself as an expert and know how you are unique in the marketplace
  • Discover the 3 keys to visibility for your outer work and inner work and begin implementing strategies that contribute to being credible as the expert you are 
  • Market in alignment with how you choose to show up as the expert and expand your reach outside of your comfort zone
Week Six: Align Your Coaching and Lifestyle
  • Get total clarity on your core values and the guiding principles that dictate your behavior and actions
  • Give yourself full permission to be your bright shining amazing self. Accept your desires and uniqueness and claim them as a part of your coaching business and lifestyle 
  • Learn how to align your lifestyle with your coaching purpose so you are walking your talk both in public and behind doors 
  • Discover the power of exposing your clients to your lifestyle and how that rapidly transforms and empowers you both
Week Seven: Conducting Successful Discovery Sessions
  • Understand what to do before a discovery session to optimize the effectiveness of the session
  • Learn the goal of discovery sessions and the key questions to ask 
  • Customize the components of a successful discovery session to create your own personalized discovery session outline 
  • Create clarity around the steps after your client says yes so you know exactly what to do
Week Eight: Successful Coaching Sessions
  • Learn how to create presence and focus during a coaching session  
  • Develop clarity around what to request of your potential clients 
  • Discover the art of navigating a client to a breakthrough 
  • Learn coaching techniques to conduct effective coaching sessions 
  • Discover what to do in a coaching session so you can succeed
Week Nine: Get Focused! Get it Done!
  • Conduct a thorough inventory of everything going on and design your ideal coaching lifestyle and schedule
  • Learn how to create a calendar for success so you can have flow and reliability in your coaching business 
  • Create focus, awareness, and momentum in your coaching business to be in your highest productivity mode 
  • Learn the importance of conscious language as a stand out coach and how it impacts every facet of your life and business 
Week Ten: Increase Your Impact and Your Income
  • Learn the three key activities to generate consistent business
  • Discover how your presence and showing up impacts your income 
  • Understand how to hone your skills to create more impact 
  • Continue being creative with your business and offerings  
Week Eleven: Identify Your Current Level 
& Advance Your Coaching
  • Learn the levels of coaching and where you fall so you know exactly what you need to advance to the next level
  • Understand how to assess where you are through a clear, objective lens so you can have an honest assessment about your coaching skills and limitations  
  • Commit to self-care and investing in yourself ongoing to skyrocket your success and your client’s results 
  • Know what to ask when hiring your next coach, how to spot red flags, and how to conduct self-reflection 
Each week, a new lesson will be delivered to you in a manageable way to meet the needs of even the busiest of schedules.
So, don’t worry. You won’t be spending hours or days consumed by difficult trainings.
Also, to further help in your progress, you’ll receive supplemental items to further enhance the effectiveness of each lesson.
Each week you will…
  • Complete the questions and exercises in the workbook
  • Watch the video training 
  • Participate in the guided meditation as often as needed 
  • Complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook).  
  • Post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you 
  • Complete the checklist at the end of the workbook and assess your progress 
This program was designed to enhance learning, create an actionable plan for you, all while being easy and simple to achieve.
I know you’re going to love this program but, you know what you’ll love even more?
The price.
Many programs are filled with fluff, fillers and worthless bonuses in order for the coach to hyper inflate the price.
Not here Chica!
We’re simply going to get to the point, fast, simple and effectively all while keeping the one time investment low at…

You’ll have plenty of time, in your business career, to invest in high ticket coaching programs that may require a second mortgage on your house.
That’s not what I create and that is not what you need right now.
Right now, you need a simple plan of action to be the Stand-Out Coach your industry deserves, have the ability to get in front of them and create a coaching business of your own…
…not a coaching business like mine.
…not designed like every other coach out there.
….and definitely on YOUR OWN TERMS!
So, simply click the button below and take advantage of this stellar offer today.
This program is guaranteed to deliver everything I outlined above and you will be totally thrilled to see your coaching business become what you always dreamed it could be.

Enroll in "Be a Standout Coach" Today
and join the 10% of Female Business Founders 
who are choosing to thrive!

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