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If you’re sick and tired of the testosterone dripping marketing industry then...


“When You Discover this Powerful Process Easily & 
Effectively Promote Your Business… 

…the Boy’s Club of Marketing will Soon 
See How the WOMEN are 
Marketing Magnetically!”
Marketing Magnetically is to cultivate a faith muscle where everything is happening for your highest good…
…and your ideal clients are drawn to work with you through Divine Intervention.
In fact, you have a “soul contract”.

Knowing this, deep within, instills a confidence that clients are effortlessly attracted to.
Hey there my dear,
Rebecca Matias here and I can’t WAIT for you to see the difference in your marketing after today.

It’s truly a pleasure to watch women business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs reclaim their vibrant and radiant passion when they are promoting their business.
Imagine, each day as an adventure, where more and more clients in your market are… 
  • Reading your marketing material
  • Consuming your emails you send out

…or they are:

  • Watching a video you put out there
  • Clicking on your ads and opting into your list 
  • Opening more emails 
  • Engaging more with you in social media
You are about to realize how truly powerful you can be, without the trappings of “male designed” marketing training that doesn’t realize that, as women…

We Need to Roar with Feminine Energy, 
Authenticity and Pursue a Calling that 
Nurtures and Respects Our Market!

Marketing, magnetically; requires you to be visible and develop authentic connections.

Being genuine and transparent in the marketplace will have you standing out, and allow your clients to find you and feel a magnetic connection with you.

Certainly you will agree, enough is enough.

You deserve to be profitable, respected and SEEN by your market, prospects, customers and clients more often!

Well, you’re about to do JUST THAT!

Join me in celebrating the release of my all new training that will blow the doors of the marketing industry and have the female entrepreneur catapulting to the top of the business heap with…

“Marketing Magnetically!”

Let’s cut to the chase and dig right in, we’ve got work to do girly!

In this 11 Part Course, everything we’ve just discussed will be mapped out, dripped to you over 11 weeks, so you can discover…

Each week a new lesson will be added to the course page and you will be notified by email.
Week One: Get Clear on Who You Are 
and Who You Serve
“If you fall in love with your clients, show up, and give value consistently, 
you will be marketing magnetically all of the time.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • Learn more about your unique self, gifts, and talents
  • Learn about who you serve in the marketplace 
  • Discover the magic you provide for your ideal clients 
  • Get laser focused on your message and your purpose  
  • Review your target market (your niche) and create true clarity 
  • Understand the importance of market research 
Week Two: Marketing Mindset
“Grow in every area of your life, or your professional 
growth will be stunted.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • Understand fully the importance of the prosperity mindset and how to reprogram your mind for success
  • Know how to work with the universe for miraculous results  
  • Learn about the effects of Competition vs. Collaboration in your marketing efforts 
Week Three: Branding
“Your brand grows with you as you evolve both 
personally and professionally.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • Learn the importance of your brand and how it attracts or repels your ideal client
  • Know how to start creating buzz around your products, services, and upcoming projects 
  • Learn why vulnerability and transparency have to be part of your brand 
  • Make getting to know yourself and your brand better a fun ongoing experiment 
Week Four: Visibility: Building your Know, 
Like, and Trust Factor
“When you are playing small, you are not only holding yourself 
back from success, but also your clients.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • Learn the power of storytelling and its role in future marketing so you start playing a bigger game and choose to be more visible
  • Discover types of stories you can use in your marketing and know how to tell your story effectively to organically attract and impact clients 
  • Learn the 10 Ways a client can get to know the real you to make a deep connection and build trust with consistency 
Week Five: Online & Social Media Marketing
“In our progressive age of the digital lifestyle, your story, your ideas, 
your contributions, your business has a reach like never before”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Understand the difference between organic marketing and paid marketing and identify when to use each effectively
  • Identify your social media sweet spot so you can expand your reach to your clients while having fun  
  • Revisit your target market research to connect more intimately with what is going on in your “brand hero’s” world so you are marketing in effective and relevant ways 
  • Discover how to be consistent on social media platforms to increase engagement with raving fans 
Week Six: Offline Marketing
“No matter how technically advanced our sophistication is, nothing will ever 
have the power to replace in-person relationships.
Your presence is your power and you are 
responsible for the presentation of
yourself and the energy with
which you show up.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Understand more in depth the power of face to face interaction and how that accelerates the authentic connection and bonding between you and the people you meet
  • Learn how showing up for success offline is a direct extension of your business and branding and identify how you are showing yourself to the world in what you wear, what you say and your mannerisms 
  • Review a detailed offline marketing menu and identify what activities you most resonate with to begin mapping out your next steps in having more offline exposure for your business 
Week Seven: Networking
“Marketing efforts that come from a place of wanting to ‘get’ are not sustainable.
What is sustainable and lasting is
sharing from your heart”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • How to create a strategic networking plan from start-to-finish so you are clear on exactly how much of your time, energy and money to spend on networking
  • Discover the way to have the best business connections that continue to bring you hot leads and deliver new business 
  • Become equipped to talk about yourself and what you do in a natural way, so your passion and excitement about your work flows through to the people you are talking to 
  • Learn how to approach potential clients anywhere with authenticity and confidence 
Week Eight: Workshops and Speaking
“The power of in person connection will never be trumped 
by any kind of virtual connections.”

In this week’s course, you will learn:
  • Learn the opportunities of speaking at events and how to find speaking opportunities
  • agnetize your clients through storytelling and uncover how your story is the narrative of your journey so you can confidently share the hardships you have experienced 
  • Learn how the emotional center of their brain, called the amygdala is where true connection with your ideal clients reside, and creating that bond with them is the real key to inspiration, influence and sales 
  • Discover how to sell successfully from the stage whether you are speaking or conducting a workshop by being your authentic self 
Week Nine: Emails and Newsletters
“Consistency is always key in marketing.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Learn the components to sending great emails to your contacts and how to increase engagement
  • Understand the importance of giving value and being consistent
  • Begin to connect your emails to your website and/or blog and create a process for repurposing information to maximize your exposure
  • Implement constant feedback from your audience to be of greater service and become known for top quality products and services in your market sector
Week Ten: Getting Your Content to
Your Target Market
“We live in the world of information marketing. 
Magnetizing your target market to your content so that it goes viral 
to grow awareness about your products and services is a 
key ingredient to business success. ”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Repurpose your content
  • Why you should show up on videos 
  • Components of using Video in your marketing  
  • How to standout with Video 
Week Eleven: Stellar Customer Service
“The client experience is an
extension of your brand.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Discover how the client experience is an extension of your brand
  • Learn the basic steps to customer service and how to evaluate the client experience  
  • Understand the difference between standard service, premium service, or elite service 
  • Gain clarity about automation vs. customized attention 
  • Refine, revisit, and re-polish your marketing 

If THAT wasn’t enough for ya, well…

Each and every week, a new lesson will be made available. It all starts with an easy to follow, short video tutorial followed by...

  • Complete the questions and exercises in a customized workbook
  • Your ability to participate in the guided meditation as often as needed 
  • An assignment to complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook).  
  • You'll also be able to post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you 

Not to mention, you will...
  • Gain a substantial advantage by attending our Live Q & A Calls
  • Have the opportunity to apply for a 15 minute laser coaching “Hot Seat” if you feel called to receive that support. 
  • Read the recommended supplemental materials 
“Holy Geez! I’m Nearly Outa’
Breath telling you all of that.”

All kidding aside, you can certainly see no stone was left unturned while creating this course for you.

It’s time women entrepreneurs and coaches had the information they need to paint a little femininity across this testosterone driven industry.

With this timely course, and the recommended reading materials; not to mention the in-depth Q&A sessions and the community support

…you can now understand why I fully stand behind this collection and how POWERFUL you are about to become in your market.

Now that we got through all the “particulars”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enrollment fee for this overwhelmingly complete curriculum that will be certain to help you take your business to the next level of its development.

Now, many of the “IM Gurus” and “Chest Pounders” in the industry are charging upwards of $10,000 for not nearly this level of training, attention and support.

There are cookie cutter products out there that don’t contain the exhilarating elements of being focused on the woman entrepreneur, selling for over $3500 - $5000 +!

Aren’t You Sick and Tired of Overhyped, Overpriced, Cookie Cutter Courses that Simply CANNOT and DO NOT Resonate with the Feminine Focus and Authenticity
We SO Truly Need?

Understood and I’m right there with ya’!

That’s why, I put together one of the most comprehensive, powerfully magnetic marketing courses to date, designed specifically with the female entrepreneur in mind

…AND, kept it at a reasonable price for nearly every level of business woman to enjoy, deploy and customize to their very own business.

Since you’ve read this far, you certainly are ready to come aboard and start Marketing Magnetically. 

Luckily, you’re not going to pay…
…$10,000 - $5,000 or even $3,500!!!

You'll pay only $2,000

That’s right, you are experiencing a shift in the marketing and coaching industries.

No longer will we be beholden to the trappings of the basement gurus, nor the amateur elite, who publish stale material at inflated prices.

It’s your time to shine and I’m gonna’
help you get there.

So buckle up! 

Get ready!

Get Set!

Now…claim unlimited access to this 11 week 
program that was designed, SPECIFICALLY, 
with YOU in mind!

Sign up now and I’ll see you in the member’s training area, in our FB support community and LIVE online, during our weekly Q&A Calls! 

To Your Rapid and MAGNETIC Success,
Rebecca Matias

P.S. By the way, I’m not insane. I know what I have here and so do you. The price WILL increase…so get on board!

Enroll in "Marketing Magnetically" Today
and join the 10% of Female Business Founders 
who are choosing to thrive!

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