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REVEALED: The Number One Killer of Success for Women and
  How You Can Stop this Disease in its Tracks!

“Renowned Success Coach and Mother of Two Reveals the Hidden Reality to Self-Sabotage, Success Sickness and What Has Been Holding You Back from Your Desired Life Potential…

…and It Has Little, if Nothing to Do With Money!
Read Further to Unlock the Mystery of How the World is About to See More “Successful Women in Healthy Relationships”
Hello my dear,

This is Rebecca Matias and, like some, my marriage was falling apart, I had no support system at home, my self-worth was at an all time low and the future seemed bleak.

Quite honestly, if it weren’t for my two boys…
…I don’t know where I’d be right now. 

But, because of a few mentors along the way, a drive to become more and have better relationships in my life AND…

…the need to catapult my success and create a life of love and abundance by my own design, I got through it.

Now, I’m going to give you the same opportunity, no matter your personal situation, to design a life of love, happiness and better relationships while increasing your love for YOU.
Let’s start with…

What Does it Take to Build Success in a 
Woman’s Life?
A successful woman will always prioritize and invest in the relationship with herself as her most important task.

This relationship is the foundation out of which all other relationships will exist in their form of health or dysfunction.

The way you speak to yourself in your head will inevitably be mirrored to you by the people you come into contact with.

The degree of intimacy of each of those relationships will be the degree in which that mirroring will have the power to nourish you with compliments or break you down with judgments.

As you diligently and consistently prioritize health-ing your relationship with yourself, towards unconditional love, compassion and cherishing yourself the way God does…

…you will externally see all of the love, compassion and cherishing that you have cultivated, shining back at you, in which you are giving to yourself.

You are empowered to fill yourself up and receive fully the beautiful gifts that the world has for you.

As a successful woman you embrace having great wealth, a partner or spouse that loves and adorns you and you accept the fullness that both have to offer.

You are confident in how you communicate to others, you speak up for yourself

…speaking the truth in love and every engagement with another human has you knowing when to move on, with love in your heart for that person, when to stay and contribute to creating an even richer relationship. 
Cheers to you for having love and abundance while embracing both from a place
of being filled with joy and love
for yourself, as well as others.

Now it’s time to expand, with a profound understanding and knowledge of how to increase and cultivated healthy relationships, better than you ever have before.

This 11 week course will go, in depth, to the deepest recesses of your mind and allow you to expel limiting notions, self-doubt and increase an already positive outlook as well.

Each week a new lesson will be added to the course page and you will be notified by email.
Allow me to explain, briefly, what’s inside this life altering curriculum.
Week One: Your Relationship to Yourself
“At the end of the day, the only reputation that matters is the reputation you have with yourself.
My opinion of me is the only opinion that matters.”

In this week’s course you will discover:  
  • What is your current relationship with yourself? You will soon be clear about this…or at least honest about it!
  • Discover your unique self-talk. Within every mind, there is a conversation going on that may be causing your outside relationships to reflect what’s inside. 
  • Identify where you head into drama…we’ll go over this in detail. 
  • Self-love & self-acceptance 
  • Self-confidence & self-forgiveness 
  • The importance of knowing how you work…in more ways than one! 
Week Two: Identifying Your Core Personal 
Relationships and Their Roles in Your Life
“When you are clear on the roles of each relationship in your life and you consciously communicate how you require to be
supported and honor yourself,
you will be wildly successful.”
In this week’s course you will:
  • Identify your unique personal relationships and their impact in your life
  • Discover how you need to be supported and by whom 
  • Understand the importance of each unique role person's role and how that empowers or disempowers you 
  • Identify and implement the balance between your personal and professional life 
Week Three: Identifying Your Core 
Professional Relationships and
Their Roles in Your Business
“To continue knowing yourself on a deep level is the finite determiner 
of success in all your relationships.To the degree of which you aware 
of your desires, your requirements, your non-negotiables 
in your work, and the degree in which you communicate 
them consciously, is the level your business 
goals and visions will be met.”
In this week’s course, you will:
  • Identify your unique professional relationships and their roles
  • Define the support you need in your professional relationships 
  • Let go of what no longer serves you and your business growth 
Week Four: Letting Go of Guilt, Shame, and 
Blame in Your Relationships
“Your cast of characters show up exactly when you need, to remind you, and to bind you, to the path that you already know.” ~Bob Sima

In this week’s course you will:
  • Identify guilt, shame, and blame in your current relationship circumstances and move gracefully into practicing forgiveness
  • See how guilt, shame, and blame block you from fully successful relationships 
  • Discover where your guilt, shame, and blame originated from and own your worthiness of successful relationships 
  • Receive the steps to create successful relationships after guilt, shame, and blame are released and feel gratitude for the value relationships bring in your life 
Week Five: Conscious Communication: 
Mastering the Art of Effective Conversations
“Conscious communication is the epicenter of individual 
health in a relationship that contributes to the 
overall health, connection, evolution and 
interaction in every relationship.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Learn how the effective management of your emotions directly influences your communication with others for the better
  • Understand the steps to a successful conversation and how the most effective conversations occur when both parties are in a place of being open and willing to listen and learn when entering into the conversation  
  • Discover the three stages of “carefrontation” and how it will drastically change the way you approach all opportunities to evolve yourself and have conscious conversations 
  • Learn why having direct communication in action, instead of being blocked and frustrated will allow you to verbalize your feelings and emotions more freely 
Week Six: Setting Yourself Up for Success 
with Healthy Boundaries
“One of the greatest assets a woman can possess is creating healthy boundaries with herself, with others and with the activities and habits she engages in on a consistent basis.
The continued development of self-discipline
is your greatest ally.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Learn the core foundation that sets the tone for how everyone in your life mirrors to you how you are treating yourself
  • Discover why possessing the ability to have close and meaningful personal relationships while taking personal responsibility for yourself is healthy and will directly impact your professional success 
  • Realize with greater clarity how shame and guilt are old patterns that never worked to begin with and how to develop an intolerance for their presence 
  • Learn why people who practice assertive behaviors such as politely but firmly asking for what they need or by turning down requests they do not want to fulfill have taken personal responsibility for their behavior and are more likely to be successful 
  • Learn how healthy boundaries with clients facilitates your success and theirs so your business will run more smoothly 
Week Seven: You Are the Creator of 
Your Relationship Reality
“Your cast of characters show up exactly when you need, to remind you, 
and to bind you, to the path that you already know.” ~Bob Sima

In this segment you will:
  • Learn how to harness the power of manifestation and clarity of your beliefs so you can create your desirable outcomes in all relationships
  • Discover how to release limiting beliefs & blocks that are negatively impacting your ability to manifest your desired relationships 
  • Learn how to identify your soul contracts and enter a place of love so you can truly look at your part in relationship circumstances and interact from a place of love and not ego 
  • Identify how to be open to learning about yourself and others and the outcomes that you are currently experiencing so you can reflect with objectivity on the previous conditions that brought them about 
Week Eight: Co-empowerment vs. 
Codependency in Relationships
“The pathway to co-empowerment is through self- empowerment.”

In this segment you will:
  • Understand codependency, the areas of your life where it shows up and the stronghold it has or does not have in those areas 
  • Recognize, understand, and identify codependent relationships so you can transform them into healthy ones that are of service to all involved 
  • Learn the stages of moving from codependency into co-empowerment and what you can expect for each stage of the journey 
  • Discover how to be co-empowered and know that you do not have to withdraw your love or leave a relationship to shift the dynamics of that relationship 
Week Nine: Your Significant Other
“Feeling worthy of a healthy relationship is a quality of a true empowered woman who experiences successful relationships.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Gain clarity regarding the relationship you desire
  • Learn how to invite your partner on the path of personal development 
  • Know what to do when your partner does “get” your business 
  • Learn the dynamics of money and your partner  
  • Implement effective communication with your partner 
Week Ten: Your Relationship to Your Business
“When your success is directly linked to your feminine purpose, 
you are focused, disciplined and able to manage your emotions until it  
becomes your reality.”

In this week’s course you will:
  • Discover how your emotions impact your business progress and results
  • Learn the top three challenges that disrupt female entrepreneurs path of success 
  • Create business commitments in the stage of entrepreneurship you are currently in 
  • Adjust and learn how to maintain passion and inspiration in your business throughout your journey 
Week Eleven: Emotional Intelligence

In this week’s course you will:
  • Learn what Emotional intelligence is and why it is important in your business relationships and how critical it is when you are a woman entrepreneur
  • Discover how you can strengthen your own Emotional Intelligence skills and massively impact your clients  
  • Uncover how using your masculine and feminine energy are already engaging the energy of Emotional Intelligence to manage your business 

Along with the above video tutorials, you will also delve into the 
practice of these lessons when you:
  • Complete the questions and exercises in this workbook.
  • Participate in the guided meditation as often as needed. 
  • Complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook).  
  • Post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you. 
  • Complete the checklist at the end of your workbooks and assess your progress. 

With this training, you’ll soon realize the potential for success, better relationships with yourself and others, as well as…

…what may be currently holding you back from manifesting all that you desire in your life.
This truly is a one of a kind program that will delve deep into your inner being and help you come out on top while discovering your true you.

The enrollment process is easy, there aren’t any complicated forms to fill out and you can start this weeks training in as little as 2 minutes from now.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply Click the Enrollment Button Below
 and Let’s Get Started
Enroll in "Successful Women in Healthy 
Relationships" Today
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who are choosing to thrive!

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