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So much to do and so little time…especially for women 
business owners and entrepreneurs! 
Discover, Firsthand, How this Mom of 2 
Business Owner Catapulted to Six Figures 
and Tripled Her Income in Her First Year of Independence…

…Simply by Unlocking the Secret 
to Time Freedom Mastery and So Can You!

For us women, it can be a daunting task to truly master the time we have, to complete all the critical challenges we endure throughout our days.

Imagine, being able to master you time without…
  • Others affecting your ability to get things done
  • The trappings of too much to do and not enough time 
  • Creating “To-Do” lists and other ridiculous methods that never work and always leave us feeling frustrated. 
NOW is the time to stop, re-engage with our true, feminine power and become the Queen of our Time…not a slave to the grind.
Hello my dear, 

My name is Rebecca Matias and not long ago, I was much like you.

Writing the to-dos, constantly updating my schedule and never seeming to get anything substantial accomplished.

My marriage had just ended, I had two boys to raise alone and it was the beginning of my financial independence.
Let me tell you, everything just seemed so overwhelming and nothing was getting done.
Then, I made a simple discovery that has now branded me with the title “Delegation Diva”, which I lovingly wear on my sleeve.

I’m not saying to go all institutional on those around you or your schedule of tasks…

…simply, take back your freedom, hone in on your choice management and learn to differentiate between leveraging your time and using your time efficiently.

Time Freedom is...

…truly having the space, opportunity, ability, and flexibility to authentically be managing your time, as well as your life…
…with no restrictions, confinement, or fear dominating.

It means establishing balance, systems, structures, and support in your personal and professional life.

Time freedom allows you limitless ability to focus on thriving and succeeding at whatever you want, when you want!
“Time Freedom was the Entire Reason You Went into Business for Yourself to Begin with…Wasn’t it?”
Of course it was!

Yet, as women, we are continuously bombarded with more tasks, runny noses to wipe and projects to manage than men have to deal with.

Therein lies the problem with most “time management” courses on the market today.
They aren’t designed with the feminine in mind.

It’s time for us to stop being a slave to time and start being the Goddess of our time.
Although my schedule is extremely busy with monthly seminar events, two boys at home and a mountain of successful women entrepreneurs I teach daily…

…it was “high” time to put this all into an easy to management, full scale training to help you on the path toward owning your time instead of always feeling like you owe your time.

“You’re about to discover what makes this “Time Freedom” Course different from the other time management courses on the market today!”

Knowing that, as women, we have different approaches to life, different challenges we face and a different mindset than men…

…I designed this course for us, by us with US completely in mind.

In this 11 Part Course, everything we’ve just discussed will be mapped out, dripped to you over 11 weeks, so you can discover…

Each week a new lesson will be added to the course page and you will be notified by email.

Week One: The Significance of Your Calendar
  • About the importance of your calendar
  • How to declutter your mind so you can get focused on your key priorities 
  • How to create a schedule that serves you 
  • How to adjust and maximize your calendar
Week Two: Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Learn how to establish and practice healthy morning rituals that will set you up for a successful day
  • Practice daily closing rituals for your business day so you are prepared mentally and physically for the next day 
  • Know when you start to subconsciously set yourself up for failure and how to get back on track 
  • Develop and sustain healthy habits that will contribute to you achieving success faster 
  • Manage and respond, not react to technology so it doesn’t rule your life 
Week Three: Decluttering
  • Learn about the different types of clutter, how it is a time leak and how to eliminate it
  • Know how to declutter your life and business for ultimate success 
  • Understand the law of vibration and how to leverage it 
  • Learn the emotional impact of decluttering so you can free yourself in multiple ways
Week Four: Planning for “Monkey Wrench” Time
  • Learn about the types of “monkey wrenches” in your money path and how to identify each
  • Plan and prevent future “monkey wrenches” for a solid money relationship 
  • Receive the exact tools to help you heal from any emotional impacts of major unexpected events 
  • Learn the importance of the wisdom provided by past “monkey wrenches” 
Week Five: Strengthening Discipline Part One: 
Overcoming Resistance
  • Understand what resistance is and learn the origin of your time resistance and how to overcome it
  • Learn about the Law of Non-Resistance and how you can harness its power in your own life 
  • Gain an understanding of your history with resistance and how you developed resistance as a child… 
  • …so you can better understand where to strengthen your skills and not be susceptible to it any more 
  • Receive clarity of how your fear based resistance stops you from achieving personal success, and steps to move beyond your resistance
Week Six: Strengthening Discipline Part Two: Staying Focused
  • Learn the power of a disciplined mind and how being free in your thinking creates true freedom and power
  • Understand the difference between rapid task switching and the commonly misunderstood concept of “multitasking” 
  • Know how to implement rapid task switching and the Pomodoro Technique to increase your productivity by at least ten times 
  • Set boundaries that enhance your time and learn techniques to strengthen your self-control muscle
Week Seven: Delegation
  • Gain clarity of what to delegate, to whom, and when the best time is so you can maximize your results and scale your business in an effective way
  • Delegate household tasks to feel supported in your business success and have reliable systems in place so you are only focusing on what you are uniquely brilliant at
  • Learn how to grow your winning team and access the resources that allow you to always be growing, delegating and automating 
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of delegating and know yourself and know how you want things done
Week Eight: How a Woman Succeeds When She Has Support
  • What support looks like in your life and why support is crucial to your success
  • Discover how it feels when you receive the support you need 
  • Identify who you will ask for and receive support from so you are fully supported and become unstoppable at reaching your goals
Week Nine: Bending Time
  • Discover what it means to bend time and learn why time is an illusion
  • Gain clarity regarding the link between spirituality and bending time 
  • Learn how bending time occurs when you experience urgency and how to harness that power all of the time 
  • Choose to safeguard and be strategic with your time instead of allowing other people’s agendas to fill in your time
Week Ten: Planning for Long Term Goals
  • Learn how to solidify your one year vision and identify the steps for your six month mark
  • Get crystal clarity about your daily priorities and implement your unique success habits and tasks
  • Learn how to get focused and organized on one project at a time for greater productivity
Week Eleven: Time Mastery Momentum
  • Revisit your calendar to evaluate your progress and continue your momentum in creating consistent time mastery
  • Refine your opening office rituals and closing office rituals and further understand their importance to your business and personal life
  • Reinforce how to spend your time aligned with what lights you up and let go of the people, places and things that drain your time and energy
  • Empower yourself with automation and delegation to guarantee successful continuous support in your life and business
“You’ll Also Receive These Supplemental Elements to Help You Reclaim Your Time Freedom Quickly and Effectively
While Allowing You to Be in Your
Feminine Power Daily!”
Each week, a new lesson will be delivered to you in a manageable way to meet the needs of even the busiest of schedules.
So, don’t worry. You won’t be spending hours or days consumed by difficult trainings.

We’re working toward you having more time freedom, after all!

Also, to further help in your progress, you’ll also receive supplemental items to further enhance the effectiveness of each lesson.

Each week you will…
  • Complete the questions and exercises in the workbook
  • Watch the video training 
  • Participate in the guided meditation as often as needed 
  • Complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook).  
  • Post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you 
  • Complete the checklist at the end of the workbook and assess your progress 
This program was designed to enhance learning, create an actionable plan for you, all while being easy and simple to achieve, at a superfast pace!
I know you’re going to love this program but, you know what you’ll love even more?
The price.

Many programs are filled with fluff, fillers and worthless bonuses in order for the publishers to hyper inflate the price.

Not here BABY!

We’re simply going to get to the point, fast, simple and effectively all while keeping the one time investment low at…
Only $2,000

You’ll have plenty of time, in your business career, to spend money and pay coaches tons of your profits… for now, let’s just take it easy on the pocketbook…what do ya’ say?
You didn’t come here for overpriced hype!

That’s not what I created and that is not what you need right now.

Right now, you need a simple plan of action to be the Goddess of Your Time and the business owner your industry deserves…

…all while having the ability to enjoy the finer things in life.

…not a life like mine.

…not designed the way everyone else wants you to live or do business.

….BUT, definitely on YOUR OWN TERMS!

So, simply click the button below and take advantage of this stellar offer today.
This program is guaranteed to deliver everything I outlined above and you will be totally thrilled to see your coaching business become what you always dreamed it could be.

Enroll in "Time Freedom" Today
and join the 10% of Female Business Founders 
who are choosing to thrive!

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