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As a Woman Rising from the Ashes of Disappointment, 
It’s HIGH Time for you to…
“Break the Chains, which Have Held You Back 
for So Long, and Reclaim Your Power as an Independent, FREE Woman!”

Through this Unique 11 Week Process You Will Discover How to Rekindle Your Passion for Life, 
Rediscover Your Feminine FIRE and 
Explode with Powerful Breakthroughs…

…All by Allowing Yourself to:

…be present in this experience with love instead of judgment or shame.

honor you, your passion and your desires without fail.

communicate more from your feminine power about what you need during each stage of the journey, and then step forward and CLAIM IT!

Hello my dear, feminine goddess,
My name is Rebecca Matias and, with your permission, together we are going to uncover your unique ability to Up-Level your life in order for you to rediscover your greatness.

So, if you’ll give me just a moment, allow me to explain what Up-Leveling is and how, by experiencing this 11 week, easy to follow process…
…you can now be free from the intolerable trappings that hold many women back in life.

What is Up-Leveling, Rebecca?
So glad you asked!
Up-leveling comes as a natural part of a woman’s journey of personal and professional transformation.

This course is for the woman with a passion for continual education who desires to expand her self-knowledge and is committed to living a life of personal excellence.

Up-leveling usually includes a breakdown, yet, it is the breakdown before the breakthrough!
In doing so, you will move through it with greater ease, grace and dignity.

You will find people, things and experiences in your life will either grow with you, move out of your life, or…

…you will feel inclined and take action to release them. 

Things that were once tolerable, become intolerable

Boundaries Shift and Change 

You will learn that you have to honor yourself first before others can in turn accept you for you, and more importantly accept you for who you are becoming
As you communicate more clearly to others, this enables them to better support you, which in turn gives them the opportunity to rise up to new levels as well. 
It is part of the journey to become bigger than certain containers can hold and certain people can handle. 

They either expand with you or you send them love as you move on.
In this 11 Part Course, everything we’ve just discussed will be mapped out, dripped to you over 11 weeks, in an easy to understand and soak in format so you can discover…

Week One: What Up-Leveling is and
How to Leverage It
“Up-leveling is truly the journey of the feminine phoenix rising from the ashes of pain, discomfort, challenge, fear and doubt. As you allow yourself to continue to grow by installing, deepening or renewing self-development practices, you will ALWAYS reach the next plateau.
As you rise through one limitation and blast it open, the opportunity to release and expand to the next level presents itself. This new upper limit becomes the 
guidepost to the next achievement level.”

  • How to use your intuition to sense an up-level is on the horizon. You have this power and you KNOW IT, as a woman, so it’s time we begin to trust and use it!
  • How it feels when you are up-leveling.
  • There is no other feeling in the world, as you realize, when positive change and great things are on the horizon
  • The stages of up-leveling. As with any process…things come in stages and take a little time.
  • But, THIS TIME, you will have my guidance and a community to support YOU!
  • Asking for and receiving the support you need. This becomes much easier as you progress and we will NEVER leave you to your own trappings or, let you falter!
  • How to take care of yourself before, during, and after an up-level. 
  • Many coaches will teach you the steps to get there but, rarely do they guide and support you through each stage of the process…
  • …through these tutorials and our community, you will know what to do every single step along the way.
Week Two: Where and How an
Up-level Occurs
“Every experience possesses the opportunity for you to
Up-level, grow, and expand.”

  • Learn how an up-level looks, feels, and presents itself.
  • Once you understand what it is, why you desire it and how it comes about…you can’t help but notice it’s happening for you!
  • What resistance is and how to effectively handle it during your up-levels. 
  • This is where the rubber meets the road.
  • You are powerful and beautiful; and your feminine mind will quickly throw up a flag of caution, attempting to fight the change.
  • This is normal and I’ll tell you EXACTLY how to overcome!
  • The difference between a personal and professional up-level and how they impact you.
  • As women, we all know we wear a different “character type” when we deal with business or personal decisions.
  • The problem is…nobody ever taught us how to embrace each of these things and how they will change our outcomes.
  • Well, today you will know precisely how these factors will affect you and how to deal with all that comes your way!
Week Three: Embracing and
Trusting Your Intuition
“Abundance comes to you in the way of ideas and opportunities. 
Train yourself to be available at a higher level to
 receive an idea or inspiration.”

  • Connect to and deepen your own feminine power on all levels
  • Once you understand what it is, why you desire it and how it comes about…you can’t help but notice it’s happening for you!
  • Embrace and trust your own intuition and feelings with greater faith
  • YOU know what you desire, where you are going and how you need to get there, it’s a matter of faith from within to help guide you through your journey.
  • See that? That’s why ‘us’ women are so cool! ☺
  • Build a new foundation of decision making and assessment for all areas of your life
  • A strong, substantial foundation will inherently support the magnitude of what you are about to create. I’ll show you how to build it in record time!
Week Four: Support
“Mentorship is imperative because we can’t see our own blind spots. 
When you are on your knees and you think you are alone, you are not.  
The universe is there to pick you up and invites you to rise and thrive. 
Your mentor is there to remind you of this Truth.”

  • Identify the sacred people and places where you can receive the support you require to be the best version of yourself at each stage of the journey through up-leveling
  • Know with certainty who to seek support from and when and why so you always feel supported by the precise people who will care for and nurture you through EVERY experience in your life. 
  • Learn how to powerfully ask for the support you require and also and receive it with beauty and grace, and elegance 
Week Five: Essential Self-Care
“Self-care nourishes your soul. It is an essential part of the evolution of you 
personally, your business and your brand.
Everything you build stems from the foundation of
 Whole-health and Self-care”

  • Discover your underlying beliefs about self-care and how those beliefs may cause you to self-sabotage
  • Complete the Self-Care checklist to identify which areas of self-care you desire to up-level and commit to improving the way you take care of yourself 
  • Learn the importance of energetic stamina when up-leveling so you can successfully gather the energy you require 
  • Understand how traveling provides an opportunity to up-level and ways to include more self-care while traveling
Week Six: Up-leveling Your Beauty & Environment…
…While Presenting Your
Gorgeous Self to the World
“I don’t care how long I have to travel. I show up dressed to the nines. Hair done, makeup done, and rocking killer heels. I am a representation of my brand always.”

  • Connect deeply with your unique femininity and express it authentically in every way
  • Identify and clear out what is no longer serving you in your environment and with your femininity and take time for reflection 
  • Cultivate an environment that inspires you by being surrounded with things that are meaningful and that you love 
  • Have a greater awareness of how your ultimate beauty is expressed in your femininity and everything around you and develop ways to honor your sacred femininity
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Week Seven: Mindset - Your Key to Success
“Guard your thoughts like you guard your children.
You wouldn't let your children wander off so
 don’t let your thinking wander off.”

  • Understand where thoughts come from and how thoughts become things through the Law of Attraction
  • Identify and reframe negative thinking and perceived “failures” that are currently limiting your ability to up-level your mindset 
  • Learn why affirmations alone do not work and what is required to reprogram false beliefs 
  • Be conscious of what your greatest desires are and what you need to do to up-level your mindset to manifest your desires
Week Eight: Up-leveling Your Receiving
“When you say yes to yourself, you are saying yes to life. 
 When you say yes to experiencing more; you are saying 
yes to being in alignment with how the 
Universe would have you receive.”

  • Learn the difference between “getting” and “receiving” and identify the energy associated with each
  • Gain awareness and understanding of the ways in which you unconsciously block yourself from receiving 
  • Identify your current level of deserve-ability for receiving in all areas of your life and where your biggest opportunities are for up-leveling 
  • Discover ways to open yourself up to receive in order to cultivate a field of receptivity and embody the art of receiving
Week Nine: Up-leveling Your Trust & Faith
“When you are on your knees and you think you are alone, you are not. 
The Universe is there to pick you up and
allow you to rise up and thrive.”

  • Learn the difference betweenmusts” and “shoulds” and identify what is non-negotiable for you in your life.
  • Understand why you have challenges and see how all experiences are actually happening to support you and sculpt your character. 
  • Practice seeing life events from a higher perspective and look to find the perfection in each moment. 
  • Change your focus in order to change your state, strengthen your trust and faith and remain strong and grounded in your emotional center.
Week Ten: Up-leveling Your Relationships
“When a woman is living from this place of personal excellence in her own life, for herself first, prioritizing herself and speaking up in what she needs and desires,  
everything around her changes.”

  • Identify the fear or concern underlying challenges in your relationships and the up-leveling action for you to take
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries through clearing conversations and by using the process of care-frontation 
  • Understand when you have outgrown a relationship and how to move on from it and align yourself with people who are in sync with you 
  • The importance of strategically building relationships with people of higher stature and why proximity is power
Week Eleven: Maintaining YOUR Up-level
“You must be available to keep up your spiritual and personal daily practices. Consistency is the key and will ALWAYS bring you GRAND results.”

  • Understand and be able to recognize top notch subconscious self-sabotage when it appears so you can quickly get yourself out of it 
  • Ensure continued forward progress with regular periodic check-ins to consciously identify your next level of desire throughout the areas of your life 
  • Be able to recognize when you are creating a state of suffering for yourself and proactively get yourself back to living in a beautiful state of being 
  • Learn the difference between self-love, self-appreciation, self-compassion and self-acknowledgment and identify ways to increase them all 

At the end of each and every one of these POWERFUL tutorials you will also receive supplemental materials like:
  • Complete the questions and exercises in this workbook
  • Participate in the guided meditation as often as needed
  • Complete the “Top 5 Results Exercise” (at the end of each workbook)
  • Post your results in The School of Feminine Fortune Facebook Group so we can celebrate with you
  • Complete the checklist at the end of your workbooks and assess your progress

BONUS: You will also be made aware of supplemental reading material, LIVE Q&A Calls and the ability to apply for 15 minute HOT Seat sessions for further support and guidance, if you so choose!

This course was created with you in mind, with the support and guidance you deserve and with a joyful heart knowing the journey you are about to embark on.

You should be proud of yourself for taking these next steps and…

…don’t worry, the lessons are short, the course material simple and the journey will be one of the most empowering experiences of your natural life!

I guarantee that.

Now that you know who I am, What Up-Leveling is and What this Course is all about…it’s time to make a decision.

Will you continue to tolerate not enough or not where you want to be?

…are you ready to feel your power, lift your presence and live your life in your power, on your terms…authentically?

IF so, you’ll be amazingly surprised at how affordable we’ve made this for you, so you don’t have to second guess your decisions.

Extremely affordable at $2,000
Enroll in "You: Up-Leveling" Today
and join the 10% of Female Business Founders 
who are choosing to thrive!

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